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DS3 T3 Quick Facts 

  • DS3/T3 = 45 Mb
  • DS3/T3 = 28 T1's

  • T3/DS3 lines are dedicated Internet connections that can give you up to 45MB of bandwidth for an ISP backbone or large business connectivity. 

    Dedicated Internet service is a private high speed line from your company to the Internet. Many T3/DS3 Internet connections have bandwidth that varies depending on how many other users are sharing the DS3/T3 service. DSL, cable and wireless internet services are priced based on multiplexing. Many T3/DS3 lines are oversubscribed. 

    Multiplexing is based on statistics, the T3/DS3 providers are betting that everyone isn't uploading or downloading at the same time. 

    When T1 Internet access isn't enough, T3/DS3 Internet will give you a 28 more times bandwidth than a T1. T3-DS3 line speed is 45 Mbps. 45MB's is fast enough to be the backbone for many smaller Internet Service Providers. It's also adequate as the Internet service for companies with up to 1 thousand employees. For smaller operations, T3/DS3 Internet will give you the ability to operate a hosted VoIP service, perform faster backups and disaster recovery, host video conferencing, transmit large files or a combination of these. 

    T3 Internet may be referred to as DS3 Internet service. That's because DS3 is the digital signal level that runs on a T3 line. DS3 may also be delivered via fiber optic cable rather than coaxial copper cable. 

    If you are interested in T3-DS3 Internet service for your high bandwidth business applications, get a FREE T3/DS3 Internet Service Quote from Our certified T3-DS3 consultants can help you get the best price on the T3/DS3 bandwidth you need.

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