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There are a lot of people who may not know much about WiFi even though it is something that has become very commonplace in today's society. There are a lot of devices that currently depend on this type of technology in order to become and stay connected, especially such devices as mobile phones and laptops which are meant to be used in a variety of different places.

The term in itself refers to the mechanism developed to wirelessly connect different electronic devices, such as phones, video game consoles and personal computers. Using this type of technology many devices can connect to the internet or any kind of a network through something known as a hotspot or an access point. Such access points typically have an indoor range of sixty five feet.

There are over four million of such access points around the world and this number is set to increase sharply as more and more people use wireless internet. In fact, a lot of people would argue that the shift from wired to wireless has already occurred as most currently produced devices are in fact designed to connect wirelessly.

These types of applications have many uses especially in the world of business. This means that offices can connect the many devices that they use without the need for expensive wires. It also means that certain businesses such as coffee shops, libraries, schools, hotels, restaurants and airports can provide to their patrons or their students the capability to access the internet.

In fact, what many people may not consider is that these hotspots are very frequently provided for free. The purpose behind providing such a service for free is to increase traffic for the business in question. Coffee shops have famously used this tactic to get more people to come in, spend a long time, and probably very likely spend some of their discretionary income on the products offered within.

However, the biggest and fastest growing segment of this particular market is in residential application. These types of connections are particularly attractive to individuals as they enable a person to allow every room in their home to have internet without having to spend a lot of money on actually providing wired connections to each internet capable device.

What may surprise some people is that another growing fact is that certain local governments around the world are recognizing this need for connectivity as one of the basic services the local government can provide, much like public transportation. There are many Muni-Fi networks which essentially provide the citizens of a town with free wireless internet, and the number of such networks is also rising.

While free internet for everyone is not something that seems to be on the horizon relatively soon, it is not completely inconceivable as the WiFi technology improves and more and more places become set up in such a way to provide connectivity for people who use it. This, and many other factors, speak to how important internet has become.

WiFi Informational Resources

WiFi is an acronym that stands for (Wireless Fidelity). It is a term that industry experts use for certain types of wireless local area networks (WLAN) that use specifications conforming to IEEE 802.11b. WiFi has been accepted and deployed in many environments as an alternative to a wired Local Area Network or the acronym (LAN). Many airports, hotels, businesses and other services offer public access to WiFi networks called (Hot Spots), so people can log onto the Internet and receive emails on the move.

WiFi uses a spectrum in the 2.4 GHz range to exchange data at broadband speeds. WiFi is a way of transmitting information in wave form that is somewhat fast, depending on the alotted bandwidth, and is often used for several applications.

Wi-Fi (or Wi-fi, WiFi, Wifi, wifi), short for "Wireless Fidelity", is a set of product compatibility standards for wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications. New standards beyond the 802.11 specifications, such as 802.16(WiMAX), are currently in the works and offer many enhancements, anywhere from longer range to greater transfer speeds. Wikipedia. "WiFi." (Accessed 14 October, 2006)

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