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Voice and PRI T1/DS1 lines are extremely common among businesses and call centers with multiple telephone lines and large call volumes. They are far less expensive and more efficient than installing dozens of POTS (plain old telephone service) lines. Each of the 24 channels on a T1 line/DS1 line is versatile, allowing it to be used for either bandwidth or for a single telephone line. 

So, a pure Voice T1 line/DS1 line will have 24 telephone lines (24xDS0 Channels) with reliable service, good reception, good long distance rates, depending on the carrier, and a wide selection of calling features. Voice T1 Lines/DS1 lines use digital or analog transmission, so it is an excellent choice in situations where a company's equipment does not allow for the use of a PRI T1 line/DS1 line, which is always digital.

Reducing Business Overhead Expenses With T1 PRI Lines

T1 PRI lines is a perfect way that can be used by businesses to reduce overheads . One of the elements that contribute to huge costs to any business is communication and by cutting by a huge margin, the business benefits immensely. This digital communication service is based on ISDN specifications which have the capability to support both data and voice communications.

When configured, primary rate interface have the capacity to carry up to 24 telephone lines. This is just one line and the cost of buying and installing it is pretty lower when compared to buying lines enough for 24 telephone sets and also installing them in the premise.

This digital technology can help a lot in saving costs and when the demand of phones in businesses is pretty high, there is no better way that can be used to cut down communication expenditure than by using primary rate interface.

At the receiving and where the communication system have been installed, the information that have been dialed is transmitted through a data channel such that the details of a customer making a call can be read on a computer. Among the places where this technology is used in most cases is the customer call center and service centers.

When there is huge need, any business can buy many Primary rate Interface lines that will suit its requirements. This increases the capacity of the telephones since many phone calls can come in and go out at the same time. Doing this is pretty cost effective since additional phones can add up to the expenditure at a higher rate. The costs that can be spend for conventional telephone is higher than the amount that is spending when T1 PRI system is used to provide communication to the business.

When you want to know the amount which you will pay for this service, it is advisable that you consult an expert to carry out a survey and thereafter come up with a quote that will enable you plan appropriately and set aside an amount for the project. You will not find it hard hiring a consultant to assist you determine the best way to go.

Any company that has PBX telephone equipment will find it easy to configure a T1 system and channelize all the calls into the system. This process helps to ensure all the independent telephones are channelized to cater for the needs of the business. It is possible to set the system to allow incoming calls, outgoing calls or both.

The Main users of PRI channels are small and medium sized enterprises whose PBX is connected to a public telephone system. All the users are hooked up to the office where the service is installed. With the system in place, audio, voice and conference facilities are made available at a price that is just a small fraction of the total amount that could be paid when the services are paid for separately. T1 PRI lines are perfect for business whose telephone needs is above average.

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