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A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) line is somewhat different and more popular than a standard Voice T1/DS1 because it is true digital trunking, which allows for even more advanced calling features. A PRI T1 line/DS1 Line provides 23 telephone lines per T1/DS1, because the 24th channel is used to carry useful data for signaling and other features like special caller ID information called ANI (Automatic Number Identification). Since the transmission is digital, the quality of a telephone connection over a PRI line is unsurpassed, providing crystal clear reception that is noticeable to the user. 

The use of DID (Digital Inward Dial) numbers, and calling features like hunting and rolling, allow you to use 23 digital telephone lines to provide service to potentially 30 to 40 employees, depending on how often they will need to use their phone. Instead of guessing on the number of DID's to put on a PRI line, it's important to figure out the maximum number of simultaneous calls that could be placed at any given time. Having too few telephone lines causes costs more in a loss of productivity than it would cost to simply add more phone lines to keep your employees busy. This is why it is important to figure out the proper balance of telephone lines vs. DID numbers. 

The cost of a PRI is also typically lower than other forms of telephone service (except Voice Over IP in some applications), with actual pricing depending on the Provider of the service and your business location. Between the features, price, and quality of a PRI, it is the primary choice for businesses large enough to take advantage of it's multi line functionality and benefits.

Cutting Down Operating Costs With T1 PRI Lines

T1 PRI lines can be used to drive down telephone expenditure that is used by a business at a given time. When you have your conventional telephone replaced with this digital technology, you will absolutely be able to cut down your costs by a reasonable margin. The service uses ISDN specifications which can support voice and data communications.

PRI or primary rate interface as it is popularly known as is a communication method that is used by businesses to provide high quality communications between their users and a network. Telephone calls add to a higher percentage of the overheads costs that is incurred by any business and when the normal telephone lines are replaced with the T1 PRI, the costs is reduced in terms of equipment, wiring and installation costs.

One Primary Rate Interface terminal supports up to 24 telephone lines and when this is compared to installing a similar number of telephones, the difference is a lot of money. It also uses digital technology which is of high quality than analogue technology.

It is the small to middle sized businesses that finds using this technology to be more desirable. Take for instance any company that does a call center business and employing hundreds of employees will find it to be very expensive installing many telephone systems since it will be pretty expensive in the long run. Since one T1 PRI line can handle 24 telephone lines, the installation costs are reduced drastically. The quality of communication that occurs through the system is superior when compared to what is offered by analogue telephone systems.

The system makes it possible to handle teleconferencing, voice and data all at once and this helps cut down the communication costs. When compared to what is paid when all these are installed separately, it can be proved that there is cost advantages. Companies that use it simplify their work since all the necessary information about the caller can be shown on the computer. This is the reason why most customer care departments in organizations use it.

It is prudent that you hire a professional to carry out a feasibility study on the cost benefit analysis and also come up with a quote on the entire cost that will be spend at last. When this is done, you will notice that the total cost is very low when compared to what the business would spend to install as many telephones as what is offered by T1 PRI line.

Changing to this system is pretty simple since a company which uses PBX telephone equipment can easily configure it and channelize all the telephone communication through the system. All the incoming telephones that constitute independent systems can be can be channeled through the system. The telephone lines can be set to meet the needs of the business since there are those who would like to use it for incoming calls, outgoing calls or both.

Since the users of the Primary Rate Interface are always hooked up to the office where the system is installed, better service is guaranteed and with many businesses adopting strategies that scale down costs, T1 PRI lines have proved to be the best way to go.

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