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OC3 Line Services and OC3 Bandwidth Coverage Area

An OC3 (Optical Carrier 3) network line transmits 155.52 Mbps. This is the size of the largest Internet Backbone providers networks.

OCx - Optical Carrier levels are used to distinguish the speed of fiber optic networks. An OC1 is 51.84 Mbps. An OC-2 runs 2 times faster than an OC1 at 103.68 Mbps, and an OC3 speed is three times an OC1 at 155.52 Mbps, etc. The speeds and acronymns are as follows:

* OC1 - 51.84 Mbps
* OC2 - 103.68 Mbps
* OC3 - 155.52 Mbps
* OC12 - 622.08 Mpbs
* OC24 - 1.244 Gbps
* OC48 - 2.488 Gbps
* OC192 - 9.953 Gbps

How To Choose An Online OC3 Bandwidth Service Provider

One of the fastest and most flexible broadband solutions for businesses and companies is the OC3 Bandwidth. It is superior to the phone line and offers greater flexibility in terms of service. That is why when people are choosing a provider they often get worked up. They imagine that it is a hard task, whilst its not.

One of the first things that someone should do is to first create a list of potential firms. These are firms that can be hired and this step should be taken seriously. Somebody may simply decide to get the firms online, or they can decide that they will get them from referrals. It is crucial that all firms regardless of size are listed. This is so that variety is achieved.

From the list someone has compiled, quotes might be gotten from the firms. This can be a simple way in which potential firms are short listed. Pricey companies ought to be removed and those with reasonable prices left. But it is important that firms that seem too cheap are avoided. This is because they might also give the same service, cheap.

Other questions may then follow up from here. The package that is offered may be one. A person may also ask if there are personalized services that can be offered. This matters a lot because getting excess broadband that is not being utilized could simply be a waste. So, by getting custom packages, clients can only pay for what they need.

Before hiring the references of the firm have to be checked out. This is because with previous work, a person can judge what service they will get; ignoring this may mean than someone can end up with an inexperienced firm. It is also crucial that someone asks if discounts are offered. The discounts may entice a person to sign with the provider, and also help save some cash. Companies that offer discounts usually get return customers most of the time.

In addition, it is paramount that the charging system of the firm is established. Some providers base the charges on broad width used, while others offer a fixed charge. The fixed charge system is best since someone may always know how much they are expected to pay. But the latter might be expensive since it might vary from month to month.

The provider gotten should also be found in the area one resides. This is because if they do not have a presence then solving problems faced by customers might be hard. Therefore, someone should always go with a company that can be relied upon at all time to address all issues. Failure to do this might mean that somebody will never get help whenever they need it.

OC3 Bandwidth is great and can greatly help a business improve its service provision. That is why any one looking to get a provider give the service has to make the right choice. Rushing the process of choosing is not only ill advised but not recommended. Someone might end up with the wrong choice and this will be reflected in the business.



Offering OC3 service in the following states:


OC3 Alabama OC3 Arizona OC3 Arkansas OC3 California OC3 Colorado OC3 Connecticut OC3 Delaware OC3 Florida OC3 Georgia OC3 Idaho OC3 Indiana OC3 Illinois OC3 Iowa OC3 Kansas OC3 Kentucky OC3 Louisiana OC3 Maine OC3 Maryland OC3 Massachusetts OC3 Michigan OC3 Mississippi OC3 Missouri OC3 Minnesota OC3 Montana OC3 Nebraska OC3 New Hampshire OC3 New Jersey OC3 New Mexico OC3 New York OC3 Nevada OC3 North Carolina OC3 North Dakota ,OC3 Ohio OC3 Oklahoma OC3 Oregon OC3 Pennsylvania OC3 Rhode Island OC3 South Carolina OC3 South Dakota OC3 Tennessee OC3 Texas OC3 Utah OC3 Vermont OC3 Virginia OC3 Washington OC3 Washington DC OC3 West Virginia ,OC3 Wisconsin OC3 Wyoming



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