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OC192 Quick Facts

*OC192 is short for Optical Carrier level 192
*OC192 = 10Gbps

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OC192 Bandwidth For Business

Business often need to have high speed internet channeled in. The company's success can sometimes hinge on these high speeds. As we will see, schools and universities are one good example. But there is a very high cost for these high speeds when using OC192 bandwidth cable to get the high speed. Being able to know the application of OC192 bandwidth will thus become integral to maximize use of these cables.

More people commonly use T1 cables to access their internet with speed. T1 cables usually are fast enough for user if they can make complete use of the T1 cable. In reality, most people do not even need exclusive use to get more speed than they need. Even a partial t1 cable can be used to stream video fast enough.

Some businesses need to use much higher rates of speed, especially upload speeds. A university classroom, for example, must maintain a high enough speed to broadcast a full quality classroom experience to students dialing in. If the screen broadcast is too low quality, students will not be able to use the classroom well enough, and student attendance will drop off.

But the cost for placing these cables can be very high. Most smaller business cannot afford the high cost. This cables can easily cost six digits. Any company that decides to use these types of cables will want to ensure that they are getting the most value for their money.

In exchange for high costs, it is very, very fast. T1 speeds are sluggishly slow in comparison, as this technology can go at 10 Gigabits per second. That rates at almost five thousand times faster than T1. For almost anyone, that will be more than fast enough.

This speed utilizes fiber-optics to run data communications and get the speed to be so high. The fiber-optic cables are the source for the OC abbreviation, which refers to Optical Carrier. The end of the abbreviation is related to the speed that the fiber-optic cable can go. The speed is found by multiplying The OC-1 by 51.8 megabits to get the total speed that the cable can reach.

Some businesses will have extra costs associated with using these cables. Some internal systems utilize LAN-PHY for their intranet system, but it generally uses WAN-PHY. Thus, the company will need to pay extra to convert their current system over into the type of data communications that the cables use, and this cost has to be factored into the total expense.

This cable is relatively versatile, though. The data communications running through the cable can be split and distributed to maximize the efficiency of the communications. Thus, data communications can be split over the cable with telephony services. Utilizing the full spectrum of the cable's bandwidth can mean that the cable is more cost efficient.

OC192 bandwidth is very expensive and thus used for companies that are making heavy uses of their internet speeds. Thus, companies that use high speeds can sometimes make effective use of the high cost of these expensive cables.


The Ideal Transmission For Core Networks

OC192 Services Coverage Area

Our OC192 Service coverage area includes all of the following states:

We have OC192 Services in the Following States: Alaska OC192 Alabama OC192 Arkansas OC192 Arizona OC192California OC192 Colorado OC192 Connecticut OC192 Washington DC OC192 Delaware OC192 Florida OC192 Georgia OC192 Hawaii OC192 Iowa OC192 Idaho OC192 Illinois OC192 Indiana OC192 Kansas OC192 Kentucky OC192 Louisiana OC192 Massachusetts OC192 Maryland OC192 Maine OC192 Michigan OC192 Minnesota OC192 Missouri OC192 Mississippi OC192 Montana OC192 North Carolina OC192 North Dakota OC192 Nebraska OC192 New Hampshire OC192 New Jersey OC192 New Mexico OC192 Nevada OC192 New York OC192 Ohio OC192 Oklahoma OC192 Oregon OC192 Pennsylvania OC192 Rhode Island OC192 South Carolina OC192 South Dakota OC192 Tennessee OC192 Texas OC192 Utah OC192 Virginia OC192 Vermont OC192 Washington OC192 Wisconsin OC192 West Virginia OC192 Wyoming OC192

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